The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500, The Perfect 12-gauge Shotgun.

A TAC tactical PUMP K500

If you are passionate about hunting or just a fan of guns who likes to shoot as a sport then without a doubt you will love The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 12-gauge Shotgun, as it is a really quality and convenient shotgun.

The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 is a 12-gauge shotgun, widely known for its power and excellent value for money. The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 is a stoutly built over and under shotgun that is perfect for bush hunting. And if you are a fan of weapons you should definitely have one. It has a barrel selector so you could load the top barrel with buck and the bottom with a slug round, making it very practical and easy to use as well to make sure you have the round most suitable, at the ready. The picatinny rail on the top is grooved so you can use it with the fibre optic sight at the front for regular open sight picture, making your hunting session easier, you can also fit it with a red dot/holographic sight instead.

The A-Tac is also fitted with a picatinny rail under the bottom barrel, perfect for a vert grip, or a torch so you can continue your activity undisturbed by the darkness. You can find all the specifications for The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 at the bottom of this article.

The 12-gauge shotgun for the hunters

If you can only own one gun as a hunter and it’s got to be a good one, I’d suggest you get a 12-gauge shotgun. While some people out there will advocate for other weapons that are also more expensive, there’s no denying the 12-gauge shotgun is an extremely versatile one.

The 12-gauge offers more power than the 20-gauge and shoots ammo designed for its larger bore making it more versatile. The extra power makes it more effective in the field and also more exciting. It’s adept at hunting down games of basically all sizes and It’s the proper amount of power for a wide range of animals.

The 12-gauge shotgun is versatile also because of the design of shotgun ammunition. Shotguns use 3 different types of shells: birdshot, buckshot, and slugs.

birdshot, buckshot, and slugs
Birdshot, Buckshot, and Slugs

Birdshot and buckshot both fire multiple metal pellets. There are many different sizes of birdshot and buckshot for different usage. Birdshot pellets are smaller than buckshot pellets. Slugs are single projectiles, like a bullet in any rifle. Each of these types of the shotgun shell has a specific purpose, which is what makes the shotgun so special.

12-gauge shotguns are perfect for small games if you load them with the right kind of birdshot. There are many sizes of birdshot, which are categorized according to the diameter size. The smaller the diameter, the bigger the number of pellets in the shell.

Large game is where buckshot and slugs are more effective. A buckshot shell also has pellets like birdshot, but in this case pellets are much larger and suitable for larger game. Slugs also are perfect for larger game, like deer.

What if you just want to use The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 in a shooting range?

There are ranges designed specifically for shotguns and aerial target shooting. Skeet, trap and sporting clay ranges exist just for this reason! Even if most rifle and pistol ranges prohibit shooting at airborne targets for safety reasons. Rifle and pistol ranges make use of carefully placed backstops to catch bullets, but once the guns are aimed in the air, the backstops that those shooting range use become useless.

However, many outdoor shooting range and recently even some indoor ranges allow the use of shotguns using certain ammunition types. For example, indoor ranges usually stop you from shooting pellet loads where big patterns of lead shot can damage target hanger systems. However, the use of solid projectiles like slugs may be allowed. Outdoor ranges are a little more flexible and may allow you to shoot pellet loads — with the only condition that you don’t shoot at aerial targets.

The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 History

The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 is a Turkish made shotgun. It is a very nice looking shotgun if we are going to be honest. It’s got the fiber-optic front sight, it’s got a rail and it’s got the ghost ring sight. The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500 also got an extended charging handle. It comes with two different gas lungs and the whole gun is solid build. This is a great shotgun that basically will eat any kind of ammunition you are using for shotguns. It comes with two separate chokes and you can also put a sling on it. And also it handles very well.

Established in 1985, the Khan Arms Company belongs to one of the greatest gunsmithing traditions in Turkey, which is located in Üzümlü/Konya, in the center of Turkish shotgun clusters. Knowing the current market needs and strategic business applications in the global area, KHAN designs and manufacturing concept stands with a perfect mixture of technology, coming with outstanding machines and using solid materials with the traditional craftsmanship and artwork.

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The Khan A-Tac tactical PUMP K500, 12-gauge shotgun Specifications:

  • Bore: 12ga
  • Configuration: Over and Under – Single Trigger
  • Barrel: 18.5″
  • Chamber: 76mm / 3″
  • Choke: Cylinder
  • Sights: Grooved Pic Rail Rear and Red Fiber Optic Blade Front
  • LOP: 14″ / 36cm
  • Overall Length: 35″ / 95cm
  • Finish: Blued
  • Stock: Black synthetic
  • Extractors

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